Diana Nightingale
The First Lady of Transformation

Vicki - Attendee from the UK

After reading Diana's book "Learning To Fly As A Nightingale"
a reader from Australia recently wrote:

"I have just finished your book and will now start on The Nightingale Library.  It was a beautiful read and I love the poem references that herald each chapter and felt the love that you and Earl share. Of course i sobbed my way through chapter 12, my tears falling freely into my cup of tea. Thank you for sharing this story." Lisa


From a seminar participants

"When I listen to the Strangest Secret it struck a real cord with me. Since then I have viewed everything from a different perspective. In a much more positive and constructive way.I am a lot more grateful for what I have and the opportunities I have and simply want to utilize my mind so much more than ever before." 

I want you to know that meeting you in person is something I will never forget. You have an amazing spirit about you and we felt truly privileged to hear you speak, let alone meet you and have you sign our new book! Thank you!"

I am sure you would receive such positive support frequently from grateful people but I really wanted to let you know that your husbands messages and your message and story at the seminar have moved us into a higher gear of life enjoyment and appreciation.

God bless you Diana and may He be keeping Earl safe in heaven. Our brief encounter has touched our lives forever and we think of you often when we are listening in the car to Earl's messages.

Wishing you every happiness in the years ahead!"

Peter & Jo
Melbourne, Australa

After a speeking engagement at an event in Maryland, a comment from an attendee was emailed to the Sponsor about the event and a "P.S." about Diana Nightingale:

"P.S. Diana Nightingale was Da Bomb!"


"We have just received, read and listened to your, Holiday on Earth this week and can only say that it is not only beautifully presented, it contains the most powerfully written and recorded messages we have ever read and listened to!  You really hit the ball out-of the park this time! Congratulations and keep on writing - - the world needs more like this one!"  Adam St John