Diana Nightingale
The First Lady of Transformation


Nightingale, for more than 70-years, a name that has burned as brightly as a torch on the path that leads to success in all areas of life!

While Diana Nightingale is most often thought of as the widow of Earl Nightingale, she has for more than 40-years been coaching, teaching and mentoring people across the USA and overseas through public appearances, radio,TV, podcasting and writing, continuing to share the legacy that her husband, Earl Nightingale left behind.

Her expanded teaching of The Strangest Secret is reflected in her third book, Holiday On Earth.

Her first book, Learning To Fly As A Nightingale - A Motivational Love Story tells of her life and Earl's life before they met and then shares their story of their time together, dealing with the loss of him and her struggle to carry on without him.

Her second book, The Spiritual Flight of The Nightingale, contains real life learning experiences that build an awareness of the spiritual messages we get from everyday situations.

Diana makes her home in Arizona; is the mother of three adult children, Mimi, to 4 adult grandchildren and
3 great-grandchildren.

She is still actively speaking and facilitating seminars, retreats and teaching workshops.

You may reach her here