Diana Nightingale
The First Lady of Transformation
With the opening of a box of books that had been stored for many years, an amazing discovery was recently made!
An old green notebook was found and when opened it revealed something that had been written by Earl Nightingale a couple of years after writing and recording the message he called, The Strangest Secret.  
While sales of this recording were soaring and the response to the message was astonishing, Earl felt that if he wrote an accompanying workbook, it would answer the question of "how do I make the information in the message work in my life."

I'm Diana Nightingale and I can't begin to tell you how I felt when I found this incredible workbook stashed away in a box of books that had been in our warehouse.  It was as if, Earl had sent me a present from Heaven and all I could do is wonder what purpose it has in showing up now, after so many years of his passing.

The very first thing I did was to begin copying it to my computer so that it wouldn't get lost again, and in beginning to do so, I began to follow the instructions Earl had written in the beginning of the book and what happened next was equally surprising!

I would venture to say that - no one - no one - has listened to, re-recorded, taught to audiences world-wide The Strangest Secret more than I and suddenly, by simply following the instructions and doing the workbook, I was actually realizing more truth than ever before that is taught in this wonderful message, and I knew that this new discovery has shown up at the exact time when it is needed in today's world.

While there are many who teach, coach, write and profess to be the best at what they do, I don't know what is being written and recorded today that will have the power to stand the test of time as Earl Nightingale's, The Strangest Secret has.

Today, Earl Nightingale's works are so popular that his works are one of the leading personal development sources that is being pirated/stolen and posted on social media in today's world.  How do I feel about that?  The way anyone feels who has their life's work stolen and treated with complete disrespect and given away as though it has no value.

Perhaps it is that very thing - the piracy, the wanting something for nothing by so many that brought to light what I knew I must do with this newly discovered workbook.

Earl tells us in The Strangest Secret, that only 5% of any given group achieves success in life - however you define success - and that 95% of the population contents themselves to live lives of conformity and mediocrity and that 5% are the ones to whom I am offering this great life tool that when used, will help to build strong, successful lives.

So here it is - for those individuals or companies that strive for the highest performance level they can achieve.  This is for those who seek truth, act with integrity and strive to bring meaning to their lives.

It's not for everyone - just that 5% of the population that accomplishes more than the the rest of society combined.

If, you are interested, please contact me for more information.

May your journey be blessed.
Diana Nightingale

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